Association des Résidents de Limbour (ARL)

Category: Associatif

Our Mission

  • To be a forum for the discussion of the concerns of the residents of the Limbour Electoral District, and the proposed projects to address these concerns ;
  • To work towards the progress of issues affecting the residents of the Limbour Electoral District, including but not limited to traffic, environmental preservation, maintenance and improvement of the quality of life ;
  • To be the voice of the citizens of the Limbour Electoral District at all levels of government ;
  • To work for the development of the communities of the Limbour District and an awareness of the issues that affect the residents of these communities in the spirit of improving the quality of life of these communities, in collaboration with other groups with similar interests; and
  • To commit to the protection of the woodlands and wetlands from development that would compromise their ecological integrity and value to the citizens of the Association.


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