About us.


Communautés Gatineau Ouest (cGO) is the result of a partnership between the Comité des partenaires des secteurs Le Baron et Pointe-Gatineau (CPSLBPG) and Grandir En Santé Tous Ensemble (GESTE).

In 2011, two partner committees (Le Baron and Pointe-Gatineau sectors) have joined forces to form a legal entity. The partners’ committees have been in existence since the 1990s and bring together a group of intersectoral partners with the common goal of improving the population’s living conditions.

The GESTE has been in existence since 2003 and was initially called the Comité d’action locale (CAL) des Promenades. GESTE was set up to facilitate the deployment of the Québec en Forme (2003-2016) and Avenir d’Enfants (2008-2020) programs. It also brought together a group of actors from different sectors (community, school, early childhood, institutional, housing, etc.).

In 2014, the partners of the CPSLBPG and GESTE decided to call upon a consultant from Communagir to assist them in linking the two structures working on the same geographical territory. It should be noted that the support partners (City of Gatineau and CISSS de l’Outaouais) also contributed to the process. In October 2016, the CPSLBPG and the GESTE are docked and a first board of directors is elected.

Since then, a new common identity has been created (cGO) and the partners have worked hard to create a strategic plan for 2019-2024 that aims to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Our mission.

Communautés Gatineau Ouest (CGO), a round table of community stakeholders that supports the development of supportive communities.

Our objectives.

  1. Fostering the commitment of community stakeholders.
  2. Encourage, support or carry out joint actions to improve the quality of life according to a territorial approach.
  3. To be a catalyst for citizen participation.

Our vision.

Dynamic and mobilized for the quality of life of citizens.

Our values.


Guarantees an open dialogue and works in listening to and caring for the population and stakeholders.


Collaborates to achieve common goals through commitment to the organization and the achievement of its mission and recognition of respective roles and mandates.

Participatory democracy

Ensures equitable representation and voice within the organization. Encourages citizen participation towards empowerment in achieving social justice.

Development axes.

  1. Welcoming and integration
  2. Comprehensive Early Childhood Development
  3. Living environment
  4. Quality of life
  5. Organizational Development

Strategic plan.

Download our strategic plan for 2019-2024.

Annual report.

Download our annual report for 2019.

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