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About Us

Le Baron Community Action Committee is here to work with the community to identify activities that meet your needs. If you have ideas or would like to set up an activity that could improve the quality of life in your neighbourhood, talk to us. We will be pleased to discuss your projects.

Our Goals

  • Develop citizen involvement and the creation of a residents’ committee; and
  • To develop projects or activities with local people in order to meet the needs of the residents.

These projects aim to :

  • Enhance the feeling of security;
  • Break the feeling of isolation;
  • Defend the rights and interests of residents;
  • Create intercultural and intergenerational bonds;
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits;
  • Encourage school perseverance; and
  • Promote responsible and respectful environmental practices (good disposal of residual materials).

Potential Projects

  • Residents’ committee;
  • Neighborhood party;
  • Halloween party;
  • Christmas party;
  • Coffee meetings;
  • Collective kitchens;
  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Sports activities;
  • Cultural activities;
  • Neighbourhood Watch;
  • Community breakfast; and
  • Much more.

Role of a Residents’ Committee

  • To improve the quality of life of the residents;
  • Provide residents with another perspective of their community (show possibilities);
  • To share information about community life in the neighbourhood;
  • Invite residents to participate in the life of the neighbourhood;
  • Bring people together so that everyone has a voice and influence;
  • Coordinating community resources according to the demands and needs identified by residents;
  • Conceptualize, develop, organize, prepare and animate projects by maximizing the participation and involvement of residents;
  • Defend the rights and interests of residents; and
  • Represent the neighbourhood with its needs and rights to various committees and local institutions.

José Mayouma-Madiela  

CGO Neighborhood Worker


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