Maison Unies-Vers-Femmes (MUVF)

Who we are

Located in Gatineau, QC, Maison Unies.Vers.Femmes (MUVF) is a shelter and home for women victim of domestic violence and their children. Its mission is to counter domestic abuse by assuring women and their children’s right to security by providing a safe and confidential place of lodging. By doing so, they are able to find the sense of having a home, in which they can be free to lead their lives in their own way and where they can reconnect with their rights, their pleasure and their feeling of outrage, without restraint, shame, nor guilt.


The mission of the MUVF also involves the help and support offered by workers.activists.feminists (IMFs) to women and their children (in accommodation, post-accommodation or externally) by listening and giving support in their efforts.


The feminist approach, which has the ultimate goal of achieving gender equality, is the preferred approach at Maison Unies.Vers.Femmes.

Nos services

  • Accommodation;
  • External services;
  • Support Groups;
  • Legal Advocacy; and
  • Awareness.

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